CG5 is a Worcester based, non-profit charitable organisation, founded in March 2015, with the purpose of supporting and aiding local young people in sport. 

The common themes of Sport, Community and the Spirit of ‘Giving Something Back’, brought a group of like-minded individuals together, with the idea of hosting sporting themed events to raise funds and support a grant based application scheme. CG5 was born. 

Young sports people (Under the age of 21, male/female, disabled/able-bodied, any sport, any level) can apply to CG5 for a grant of between £100-1000, to help them progress in their chosen sport. Our vision is to help as many local youngsters recognise and realise their potential through sport, whether it be at the elite level or grass roots, we believe that participation in sport is a vital part of growing up, not just for its obvious physical and health benefits but also in teaching invaluable social and life skills. 

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