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We catch up with Alex Brunnen

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Hi Alex thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions I have are your main event fight against Jamie Reynolds on 2 July.
For those that don't know you can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got into Mixed martial arts?

"Well.. My old brother must have started watching MMA by the time I was around 12 years old. As a curious little brother, I always wanted to know what the eldest was Upto, and what him and his friends were doing. Sure enough, they were all "fighting UFC" down the park after watching the old UFC 1 and 2 + Pride DVDs. He actually hid them from me to stop me from copying him...

Needless to say, it didn't work. Here I am.


Former Champions collide for charity

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Charity grappling match between former UIC Lightweight champ Mario Saeed and former PainPit champ Owain Parry added to ‪#‎UIC17‬ to help raise awareness and hopefully some money for CG5

CG5 is a charitable organisation helping to give something back to the community by helping young and disabled individuals realise and reach their full potential through inclusion in sporting activity.



Supporting CG5

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Where did CG5 come from?

CG5 has evolved and developed, from the individual trustees organising and hosting sporting themed events, bringing people together, promoting sport and raising money for a variety of causes across the country.

This has developed to a grander vision of making a difference to society, by bringing together the passion shared by the four individuals for sport and the community and creating an organisation in CG5 that will encourage, help, support and aide the involvement and progression of young and disabled people in sport.



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CG5 is a Worcester based, non-profit charitable organisation, founded in March 2015, with the purpose of supporting and aiding local young people in sport. 

The common themes of Sport, Community and the Spirit of ‘Giving Something Back’, brought a group of like-minded individuals together, with the idea of hosting sporting themed events to raise funds and support a grant based application scheme. CG5 was born. 

Young sports people (Under the age of 21, male/female, disabled/able-bodied, any sport, any level) can apply to CG5 for a grant of between £100-1000, to help them progress in their chosen sport. Our vision is to help as many local youngsters recognise and realise their potential through sport, whether it be at the elite level or grass roots, we believe that participation in sport is a vital part of growing up, not just for its obvious physical and health benefits but also in teaching invaluable social and life skills. 

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