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We catch up with Alex Brunnen

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Hi Alex thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions I have are your main event fight against Jamie Reynolds on 2 July.
For those that don't know you can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got into Mixed martial arts?

"Well.. My old brother must have started watching MMA by the time I was around 12 years old. As a curious little brother, I always wanted to know what the eldest was Upto, and what him and his friends were doing. Sure enough, they were all "fighting UFC" down the park after watching the old UFC 1 and 2 + Pride DVDs. He actually hid them from me to stop me from copying him...

Needless to say, it didn't work. Here I am.

Supporting CG5

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Where did CG5 come from?

CG5 has evolved and developed, from the individual trustees organising and hosting sporting themed events, bringing people together, promoting sport and raising money for a variety of causes across the country.

This has developed to a grander vision of making a difference to society, by bringing together the passion shared by the four individuals for sport and the community and creating an organisation in CG5 that will encourage, help, support and aide the involvement and progression of young and disabled people in sport.

Ultimate Impact 16 Results

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Here are the full results:

Exhibition fights

  • Ben Bassett  vs  Joe Macfield
  • Josie Dorse  vs  Emilia Posadzhieva
  • Tom Rubery  vs  Dwight Edmondson (0.23 second KO Round One)


  • Charles Mason Def  Donovan Smile Unanimous Decision
  • Dayle McCrae Def  Dan Kneil Unanimous Decision
  • Josh Bishop Def  Màson Càrter Unanimous Decision
  • Lukasz Marcinkowski Def  Will Jones Unanimous Decision

Semi-Pro MMA

  • Laura Handy Def  Natalie Bee RNC 2.00 Round One


  • Aaron Khalid Def Wayne Drake RNC 1.18 Round Two

Pro K1 – Middleweight K1 Title

  • Iron Piotr Ptasinski Def  Craig White Unanimous Decision
  • New Middleweight K1 Title – ‘Iron’ Piotr Ptasinski

Pro MMA – Lightweight Title

  • Jordan Miller Def  Marc ‘Suplex’ Allen  Kneebar 4.32 Round One
  • New Lightweight Title – Jordan Miller

Drowning with elbows

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Hi Marc and thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions ahead of your title defence at UIC16 on the 14th Nov. You're facing Jordan Miller a veteran of UK MMA, what are your thought on the challenges he brings with 67% of his wins coming via submission, including his most recent win.

Miller is well rounded fighter and has the experience to match so isn't going to be afraid to bring it and I hope he does.  I'm not worried about anybody's submission game because its difficult to pull off submissions when you are drowning under a down pour of my elbows.

This will be your 6th fight for Ultimate Impact, which one has stood out as your best performance and why?

There are two fights that stand out for two exactly the same reasons and they were my fights against Scott Clist and Mark Tucker.  Both fights I sadly lost but also gave everything I had and hopefully my performance showed this.

How has training been for this fight camp. You have a full time night job, you coach at Trojan Free Fighters in both Cheltenham & Worcester... finding time to train must be tough?

Training has been great as usual. Juggling training, working and teaching isn't a problem its just a case of fitting everything in when you can.  But I can tell you now I'm definitely looking forward to being a coach potato again after the fight hahaha!

Assuming a win on the 14th Nov what would you hope to achieve next... will you want to push for a place in the new era of Cage Warriors or stack your claim back on BAMMA, or do you have other plans?

I'm not sure what my plans are for the future, I'm just happy fighting whenever at the moment.

There seems to be a new status update every day from promoters saying "due to pull outs"... What are your thoughts on what seems to be an epidemic of fighters getting injured and/or pulling out of fights?

Injuries happen that's a fact.  But you also have to be smart with your training, you don't have to go beast mode every session.

Thanks you for your time Marc.

I can handle zombies!

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Hi Craig and thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions ahead of your title fight at UIC16 on the 14th Nov. 

First off, explain how and why you have your nickname?!? 

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