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Hi Alex thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions I have are your main event fight against Jamie Reynolds on 2 July.
For those that don't know you can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got into Mixed martial arts?

"Well.. My old brother must have started watching MMA by the time I was around 12 years old. As a curious little brother, I always wanted to know what the eldest was Upto, and what him and his friends were doing. Sure enough, they were all "fighting UFC" down the park after watching the old UFC 1 and 2 + Pride DVDs. He actually hid them from me to stop me from copying him...

Needless to say, it didn't work. Here I am.

You're a very good win streak at the moment but would it mean to get a victory over highly rated Jamie?

"Jamie looks like a very competent fighter. I believe he is 6-6 now, but he went 6-2 in his career and lost some questionable decisions. To get a win over him will put me right where I need to be."


Just to get a few of the typical questions out the way how has your fight camp been

"You know... I probably shouldn't make this public but it won't change what happens on the night either way. It's been a terrible fight camp. Have been dealing with a lot of personal life problems as well as injuries. You never go into a fight 100% but this camp has been particularly stressful."


Has there been anything in particular you been working on to counteract the advantages Jamie may have

"Jamie looks competent on his feet. It's weird cause from when you see someone on video and when you actually exchange with them it seems to be 2 different people almost. From what I've seen his stand up looks good - I'll be expecting some fists thrown in this fight.

He looks to be very good off his back. That suits me. I have a top heavy game. I'll be happy to let him play guard while I can play my game."


What would be your typical week in the preparation to the lead up to a fight do you spend most of your time in one place or do you mix it up and go to other gyms

"I do my s&c every morning at BattleGrounds Fitness here in Swindon. I train at SVT mainly with my team down there and we put in work. I train BJJ from Chico Mendes down at Bristol. He's taken my game to a much higher level since working with him... Great coach and even better competitor. That guy is fucking amazing. I also spar with some monsters down at Trojan Free Fighters. We try get it in everywhere really."


UKMMA is in a strange place with shows been cancelled many fighters pulling out what your thoughts on the effect that Michael Bisping being the UFC middleweight champion and the growth of UKMMA

"About time! Fair play to Bisping. I didn't give him a chance to defeat rock hold... Let alone knock him out. Can't listen to the geeza talk, mind. He has this weird American English accent now.. Weird."


There has been a bit of back and forth on Facebook between yourself and Jamie supporters but what can we expect from you come fight night

"Expect me to talk some shit, throw my hands, have a good fight. Jamie is a cool guy he seems very humbled and up for this so... Nothing but respect towards the fella."


Thanks for your time Alex if there is any sponsors supporters you want to give thanks to please feel free

"Thanks, Dan"

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